Posted by: facetothewind | July 11, 2014

Parting Glances: Piran, Slovenia

Piran lead

When you’re traveling by yourself in a foreign country with a foreign language, your experience can become a very solitary one. The whole week in Piran I didn’t hear English spoken once. Secondhand conversation was all just gibberish to me and somehow relieving of any burden to comment or connect. If someone said something about me or to me, I wouldn’t know. This was a chance for me to just relax and enjoy some alone time in a beautiful place. But chillaxing is a challenge for someone with a busy mind. But I dove into it anyway.

Piran 2

I spent the week reading, writing, catching up on work, cooking, and playing the clarinet. In the afternoons I swam in the Adriatic alongside topless Slovenian women and toured around town with my camera. But without conversation, I found myself getting smaller and smaller and just retreating inside my head. It’s actually a fertile place to be, creatively. It’s when I do my best photography and writing. So I just let myself get lost inside. Mostly Piran was full of families with screaming babies (at this moment I can hear a child banging on pipes and having a tantrum in the room next to me), so I didn’t really make any effort to connect with anyone other than a cook, a waiter, and some street musicians.

Piran 3

You can see my video of the week here:


And here are some photo highlights mostly of Piran at night when it takes on a whole new dimension of mysterious colors, the night sky forming odd shapes of dark blue in the spaces overhead.

It’s just a beautiful town and I’m glad I was here. But a week of solitude was enough and now I’m off to see Venice for the first time. It will be anything but quiet. And after that, Life gets really interesting as I head to my final destination on this trip: Malaysia!



  1. Lovely photos, thank you. Venice should have all the stimulation lacking in Piran. D.

  2. Those gorgeous colors! Piran looks wonderful. And I love that picture of your shadow from the cliff. Wow.

    La bella Venezia!! Give it a big hug and kiss from me!

  3. Beautiful pix and great post!

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