Posted by: facetothewind | July 25, 2014

Signing on for Expatia


There! I did it. I signed the lease. It’s only for 3 months, but it’s a big step toward becoming expatriated. And I can renew and sign on for a year’s lease and the price drops quite a bit.


And this is the place. It’s a studio apartment on the 15th floor of a brand new high rise building in a rather nice part of town surrounded by embassies. Next door is a mall with a grocery store and jazz club wine bar, and it’s walking distance to a very renowned hospital, and an elevated train that takes you right into the heart of town in minutes.


It’s going to cost me twice what I thought I’d pay to live in KL. But my thought is that living in a nice place will provide a little refuge from the grind of KL and will be worth the investment.


Build the palace and my prince will come? We’ll see about that. (Maybe the next tragic book will come instead.) The apartment has a fantastic 50 meter pool, gym, yoga studio, and sauna. It’s likely to be full of expat diplomatic corps.


Meanwhile, I’ve been dealing with the details of a new country like getting reliable Internet which is not that easy.


KL has spotty Internet. When it’s good it’s good. Some place provide it and some don’t. My new place doesn’t and in the hotel it’s woefully slow when the guests get up and start Skyping. So I’m looking to get a broadband “dongle.”  And after hours of shopping the tech mall above, I got one and then came home and it caused my computer to crash repeatedly. So back to the drawing board…


Also checked out the medical system here which is DEFINITELY a plus.


It’s fast and efficient and affordable and most of the doctors are trained in England. Everyone speaks English. I went to the hospital to see an ENT specialist about the lump in my throat and my cough. Within 20 minutes I had a scope down my nose to find out that I just have a nasty post-nasal drip causing the problem. Total cost with some meds: $70. Then I had a complete dermatology exam for $40. Alas, I missed the chance to see Dr. Butt Chin…


Des and I have been having some fun going out for food and just chillaxing when he isn’t work 12 hours a day…


Here we’ve ordered a giant tiger prawn for $3 and some grilled okra, eggplant, and corn. They deep fry them and then grill them.


We stopped by a Hindu temple to watch some sort of fire ritual to Ganesh. Was quite loud with the drums and Indian clarinets.


I move into the new place on Wednesday next week. More to come…



  1. The new place looks FAB!

    Take it slow; who knows what will come? (I know you already know that.)

    The U.S. is going to shit faster than you can say “shit,” so you’re better off there. The NSA and every other alphabet-soup so-called security agency are breathing down our necks 24/7, the official war- and fear-mongering are off the charts, the president now claims sole unilateral power to declare anyone he wants a “terrorist,” entrapment of innocent people is all the rage, we have restrictions on travel — all hallmarks of a police state. People can deny it all they want; they have their heads up their asses.

    Count yourself lucky. Truly.

  2. Lisa, thank you for reminding me of one of the many reasons I don’t want to live in the US anymore!

  3. That pool looks amazing. Have never before seen a pool with trees growing right in it and over it — fantastic! I imagine you’ll spend a good bit of time there.

    *Website: * *Emergency at the blog : *

  4. Your place is certainly modern and sparkly. I hope they have fairly rigid building standards (one area in which the us isn’t perhaps isn’t the crappiest). I dread those pancaking building stories. But the healthcare and tiger shrimp and beautiful culture appeal. Yes, count yourself lucky.

  5. Sounds too urban for me but is still enticing despite the restrictive prices. Health costs seem reasonable . So grateful for our NHS despite tories efforts to dismantle it.
    Still want that hat dude! 😎..cant believe It was four weeks ago you left us!💗

  6. It’s a good question and one I will look into. It doesn’t feel like the 3rd world, here, so it’s not quite Bangladesh. The fact that they built the Petronas Towers says something about the country’s building ability.

  7. On the other hand:

    “Earlier this month, one of Israel’s most famous writers announced in his weekly newspaper column that he was packing up his family and moving to the United States – permanently . . . .”

    Frankly, I despair of the human race. I really have little hope. I know it’s nothing new to notice that human beings are brutal, barbaric creatures and that they cling, for dear life, to their hypocrisy — other people have been writing and singing and painting and dancing and acting and opining on this knowledge for thousands of years. But it’s still depressing as hell.

    Can those of us who don’t believe in slaughtering each other go off somewhere and found our own country? If only it were possible.

  8. The apartment looks like a lovely respite, and the pool looks glorious…but you want to live in a city that grinds you?!?

  9. I want to live in city where I”m not lonely, surrounded by selfish, poorly behaved gay men as I found I was in America. I’m astounded by the good manners and the level of respect of people here – and this is a Muslim country. The grind is annoying, yes. But being shot at on my bicycle is a bit more than annoying. But we’ll see how it all evolves.

  10. Congratulations, brave one! Your new digs look wonderful–clean,modern, tasteful, just like what one finds in Fryland (not).

    KL looks expensive, making T’land seem more desirable.

    I’m sure your prince is not far away. Looking forward to hearing more.

    Love, Dianna

  11. Looks like you’ve found a great little pad. Hope I can stop by and say hello in a month or so and maybe try out that pool 🙂 If I can find a prince, I’ll pack him in my case and bring him over for you, hugs x

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