Posted by: facetothewind | July 30, 2014

Moving in


I got moved into the apartment yesterday. Looks very pink, doesn’t it? Spent hours getting all the agreements signed, figuring out the systems and appliances. The building was just finished so literally was unwrapping the package, tearing plastic off and using the fridge for the first time.


Shortly after moving in a terrific rainstorm washed the whole city and cleared up the skies! Yay. Am still dealing with the European cough.


This is the view from my balcony. I suppose one could make a dive into the pool. Would be one helluva belly flop and probably the last thing you ever did.


Desmond came over and we spent our evening sharing a piece of really bad carrot cake served on the one plate and one fork the landlord supplied me. I bought some really bad locally-made brandy because wine here is about $15 a bottle for the cheapest wines. The rain cooled the air and so we had the slider door open and enjoyed the cool tropical evening listening to music. Was a very sweet way to start a new life.


And here’s a glimpse of the KLCC Park that is at the base of the Petronas Towers. Hasn’t really got anything to do with my new apartment.



  1. Best wishes to you in your new home. Did you buy out all the pink bulbs?

    I did not remember people swimming in the Petronas Towers park. Nice!

    Lots of rain storms here, too, making for gorgeous skies!

    Love, Dianna

  2. Fun to imagine you and Desmond passing the one fork back and forth! And maybe by now you’ve had a luscious swim in that beautiful pool as a gift to yourself for persevering, David. Love, Jean xo

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