Posted by: facetothewind | September 21, 2014

Lost KL


Been nosing around Kuala Lumpur to find places, events, and imagery that interest me. Since I’m once again apartment hunting, I’m covering a lot of territory. I asked my friend Brian (below in pink) to go on a photoshoot with me with his new camera. He agreed and invited his friend Keith, and the 3 of us went around town with our cameras which turned into a day of “lost and found.”

Brian and Keith

If you can put up with mosquitoes — the only remaining inhabitants of the 100-year old remains of British Colonial architecture — you can feast your eyes on the ruins that are tucked behind and beneath the behemoth modern buildings that now dominate the skyline. It’s a tragedy that Malaysia is in the process of erasing all of its heritage and antiquity in favor of shopping malls and high density housing. Alas, the majority of Malaysians really don’t value the old (oddly, they do value old people – just not old buildings). There’s politics behind it, of course. Malaysia is erasing the memory of British occupation and attempting to erase the Chinese history. I’d like to invite them to erase the outdated homophobic British laws while they’re tossing out the baby with the bathwater. But that’s another story for another time.

Blue gates

Malaysians seem fiendishly addicted to shopping malls which is why I’ve come to call it Mallaysia. Pretty much all that we saw today is likely to soon be bulldozed in favor of yet another mall. It’s sad for me, but what can I do? It is, after all, not my country. After so many tragic bulldozings in America, (anyone remember the old Penn Station or the Roxy Theater in New York?) the country has finally wised up to the beauty of old architecture, but that message has not yet reached these shores, and honestly, it’s too late. Most of it is gone now. Though I am certain that one day Malaysians will regret it, for now I can only watch and document the grace and patina of these antiquities before they are forever plowed under. There’s also a certain beauty in watching nature take over these buildings as they sit on death row awaiting their execution date.

Here’s the day’s photos in a collage. You can click on them to enlarge and then use your arrow button to advance…

Like all things, nothing lasts forever. So enjoy it while it lasts.





  1. Thank you once again for the beautiful photos. Thailand also does not value the old. It is a miracle that some of the old wall is preserved. When I told Mink I had saved so many old photos and objects from my childhood, she was nonplussed. I think the transitory nature of Buddhism teachings precludes people from valuing things of the past. I may be wrong about this but that’s the way it seems to me. In these developing countries, it seems the thing they value most is money! Sad… D.

  2. I loved taking this photo walk with you, through your lens, David. I would love to see an exhibition of your art some day!

  3. Sad and beautiful. But that first pic, of you between the towers, is fab fab fab!

  4. Thank you for sending/sharing the photos! happy to see you are having such a sensory feast 🙂

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