Posted by: facetothewind | December 23, 2014

A January poem for December

My friend January Handl and I are collaborating on a series of photographs (mine) and poetry (hers) and will share them from time to time here. This is the first…


I know this place,
even as my eyes
allow its constant
changes to
unravel slowly,
I sense my inner world
in these outer shifting sands.
The dimension of time
adds unseen fingers by
which the silken
sands sift and flow
to new shapes
of shadow and light,
infinite shades of gray.
These variations of beauty
astound me again and again,
softness and jagged edges,
contrast and shadow
complete a moving snapshot
of sacred experience,
and suddenly
I know this face,
my ancestors,
my children
my sadness
my joy
My Love
reflected in the stories
that the lines, scars
and sparkles
hint at with hooks of
humanity tugging at my heart
The eyes
The eyes
given as gifts that cannot
the treasure of
organic geometry
and its wondrous whisper
to the core of this precious
existence in perception
and now,
I know this time,
this present moment
this forever ribbon
that  circles and
stretches from nothing
to no one
to no where
to here,
to now



  1. Beautiful collaboration, January and David. Thank you for the evocative vision. Love, Jean

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