Posted by: facetothewind | January 4, 2015

A January poem


This Holy House

Poem by January Handl • Photo by Sebastian Bock

Lit by ethereal wonder
And painstaking patterned
Facades speaking words of
Ancient wisdom and otherworldly
This abode of the spirit
With arched doorways
And lifted ceilings
Stain glass stairways
And rough-gilded
Mosaics of pilgrims and their journeys
Leaving light footprints
Of hope and dread
This constructed bit of worship
Pulls the heart inward
As the eyes dance in the
Dazzling devotion to
Our highest whispers of dreams
And our lowest mumbles of judgments
And forgiveness
This peaceful palace
Opens the solace joined souls
Who yearn to know
What lies just beyond
Human hands, beyond
The brain’s buzz to
The shared mind in ceremony
And righteous ritual
In a prayer of deliberate design
Feigning control
Where is truly


  1. Nice–a “January” poem. The poem fits Seb’s beautiful photo perfectly. Thanks! D.

  2. beautiful!!!!

  3. David, I checked my spam box and found two posts from Field notes from a noticer. It appears you are in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia at any rate. Where else are you going? Maybe you are as entranced with SE Asia as I am. When are you returning to Tucson? McCutcheons are settling down in Minneapolis and are talking about selling their Tucson place. I would like to use it one more time before they do so. Pam

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