Posted by: facetothewind | January 15, 2015

Rhythm of Life

David Gilmore photos Myanmar poverty

Rhythm of Life
poem by January Handl • photo by David Gilmore

Sounds go tap tapping in my heart,
worry for the suffering
working on my own version,
the world goes spinning in space

Tears splinter into glass-sharded prisms
that carry the pain I keep
running from,
the pain I carry anyway,
its heavy cries sealed in the voice
that looks for laughter
as a relief from the weight
of jagged-thorns of tender traumas

I belittle my own weakness of body,
pain-wrapped, weary wedges of
dragging through routine
Silhouette of Soul,
silent and serene,
hidden in the mists of loss and love
vibrating with hidden strings
plays the music of the universe
tap tapping in my heart


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