Posted by: facetothewind | August 3, 2015

A January poem for August


Poem by January Handl • Photography by David Gilmore

When the pain is acute,
I am cut adrift from the anchor
Of my tap into the stream
Of life
Life with all its entirety
All its vibrancy
All its venom and vice

If, when a pause occurs
I am awake,
I am immediately immersed
In the giant gratitude
For perception
Even the ills, and limits
Even the long-suffering idiocies
I endured while learning to be
Even the constant forgetting
Of hard-earned honors in
humility and

I have been twice-visited today
With a grace denied me the past few years-
The kind that reminds me that this
Wonder of an experience,
This thing we call life
This leap toward
Toward love
Is a precious gift
Offered in each moment
This moment.




  1. August must mark a special event or memory for you. Lovely photos.

  2. Thanks, January and David. Jan, I often feel your poems as touches of grace, like the ones you described in this poem. They always help me feel a little less alone in my sadness, a little more joined in my joy.

    • Aww…thank you, Gillian, that means a lot! ❤

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