Posted by: facetothewind | August 7, 2015

Celebrating One Year Together


I’m not a big believer in superstition — things like not walking under ladders, touching wood and such — they have no meaning for me. But when Chuan and I first met, we were at a temple in Penang and he said we should put a little wish ribbon up on the pole and that we would get what we asked for. No harm done, so we put one up…


A year later here we are indeed coupled and paired. Voila! If only it were as easy as tying a ribbon on a pole or asking St. Mildred (my friend Jean’s magical granter of parking spaces and more). The behind the scenes story is that Chuan insisted on loving me as he does, to this day. I am a doubter by nature but he isn’t. He knew right away that I was his man and he made it happen. Within a few days of meeting, he was calling me Hubby and treating me as if he we would be together the rest of our lives…and I let him. I may be stupid in some regards but I’m smart enough to know that at my age, youthful enthusiasm trumps cynicism and trust is more important than doubt. Otherwise it’s a long slow ride to a miserable old age of isolation.

Chuan is as enthusiastic today as he was a year ago, an extraordinary combination of brilliance, simplicity, goofiness, eagerness, passion, and flexibility. He has consistently been by my side in every difficult moment always ready with a tissue, a helping hand, a solution, and a sensible Chinese home remedy. Chuan’s good manners and elegance, his generosity and dedication to caring for the people around him are inspiring for those of us, ahem, who think more of ourselves first. Chuan has made living in this immensely challenging place feel as much a home as possible…where at least my heart has a place to belong.

After a year of his consistent and persistent affection, my heart has softened such that I can now believe once again in the transformative power of love — something I had lost faith in in the post-Sebastian years.

So get out the crackers cuz here come da cheese…my anniversary gift to Chuan. (Thanks Dianna Krall and Bryan Adams. I did buy the song! Depending on the country, you may not be able to hear the music.) Enjoy…



  1. How wonderful. Thank you, Chuan, for loving David back into himself. XXXx

  2. I was so touched by your slide show, the music, and, funny how it seems I’ve gotten to know Chuan (Just familiar with his face because of your art, I guess) Congrats to you both, glad you are just soaking in the love.

    • January –

      Thanks for your note. I was away for the weekend with Chuan in Malacca celebrating. It¹s funny how my friends all over the world always get to know my boyfriends before they meet.

      I¹m amazed that Chuan hasn¹t watched the video. I made it for him and then we had problems viewing it on the bad hotel wireless in Malacca. Now we¹re back and he hasn¹t mentioned it. I¹m a bit sad that it wasn¹t the first thing he wanted to see when we walked in the door now that we¹re home. 😦 I¹m just going to let him notice that he forgot.

      So I dunno if I¹m soaking in the love. He¹s a loving guy but has his blind spots…which may in fact be why he loves me. :/

      On 8/8/15, 10:42 AM, “Field notes from a noticer” wrote:


  3. My dear,
    so happy to see you happy ❤ enjoy, enjoy, enjoy ❤
    many blessings yet to come!

  4. p.s.: oh, David….arent we all blind spots, eh? my dear gentle soul….wish you unfolding beauty…, m

  5. Belated congratulations on your 1st Anniversary! It took me awhile to be able to hear the music (you recall the internet signal here is sketchy). Thanks for the beautiful love story of David and Chuan! Dianna

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