Posted by: facetothewind | August 20, 2015

Mid Summer Miscellany

I’m off on a month long trip around the world. Back at the end of September. My trip will take me first to Hong Kong to see Sebastian, then San Francisco to collect Jean. Then we set off to New York to see my friend Anna and sail on the Queen Mary 2 to England. Then a quick visit to London and then off to Brussels, Bruges, and Amsterdam. I’ll be unavailable while on the ship from September 4-11.

For now, here’s a short video of the my midsummer in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. The video starts with the bus driver to Malacca texting while driving. I was astonished at the risk he took with all of our lives and was so incensed that I reported him to the federal agents here and they’ve opened a case against the company.  I found out that texting while driving a bus is a very common occurrence here in Malaysia. So unbelievably uncivilized. Anyway, then see the building being painted and my 25 floor daily stair workout. Then on to Malacca, Chuan’s playing piano in various places, a monsoon, some flooding and then more fireworks…

Next stop Hong Kong.


  1. Bon Voyage, dear one. Savor and Enjoy- I know you will. Sending big love.

  2. What’s even more surprising is that he didn’t even HEAR your question, “Why are you texting while driving?” because he had HEADPHONES on! He was texting, listening to headphones, and staring straight at you. No part of his attention was on the road!

    Re. your second trip on the QM in as many years, I’m reminding myself of Rumi’s poem, “The Guest House.” All feelings, even jealousy, are welcome….


  3. Oh my.. My piano playing followed by a girl playing on an electric piano, that’s not me in a different costume, although it might look like it’s the same person on a
    first impression

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