Posted by: facetothewind | August 25, 2015

Verticalville: Hong Kong

It’s hard to say goodbye for a month. Harder even for the person left behind. Holding on to Chuan’s hand as he’s driving me to the airport, not wanting to let go. But distance is always good for a relationship to give it perspective and meaning.


Then on the airport train to KLIA, a guy had his feet all over the furniture in spite of the signs everywhere not to do so. It’s just so Malaysian…


Onward to more civilized places. The first stop on my round the world trip is in Hong Kong where it seems like some sort of fantastical dream of living in Verticalville.

Wooloomooloo Hong Kong

Hong Kongers are quite respectful and decent citizens. It’s a pedestrian friendly city and people don’t push onto the subway like misbehaved children as they do in Malaysia. Here they line up and wait. On the escalators, the standers go to the right and the walkers on the left. Here, a red light mean stop and a sidewalk is not for parking your motorcycle. Hong Kong feels like a grown up place that has evolved over a long time and the product of good upbringing, its people sophisticated, respectful, and elegant. Kuala Lumpur seems really rough around the edges, immature, unrefined —the product of poor upbringing. Interestingly, when I arrived in HK, I couldn’t make sense of Sebby’s directions and so I got hopelessly lost. Two very kind American expats spotted me in my confused state in a crowd and offered to help me. They pointed me in the right direction and gave me 60 HK dollars (!) to catch a cab as I had not yet found an ATM. I was astounded by this gesture which felt like a big hug from my home country. Thank you nameless citizens for helping me out. I wish I had gotten their names.


I came to see Sebastian and his boyfriend, Simon, who was very welcoming and warm.


But I also came to eat PIZZA! And here I am pigging out on Paesano’s Pizza…

Paesano pizza hong kong

Victoria Peak Hong Kong

Victoria Peak. (Click to enlarge panorama.)

Saw a very cool retro (but new) car called the Nissan Figaro. It was love at first sight!

Saw a very cool retro (but new) car called the Nissan Figaro. It was love at first sight!

Some photos from around town…

Hong Kong bamboo scaffolding

Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline 2

Hong Kong skyline


You can watch the rough cut video of the trip…

Next stop: San Francisco.



  1. Nice to see you all looking happy in Verticalville. Good pizza would be a good reason to go there. Same with BKK, don’t like the city but found a good pizzeria.

    Wishing you happy travels and many more good pizzas around the world!

  2. Great pix, David! I hear the sigh of relief coming through them.

    (But don’t forget you’ll have to deal with the odious, abusive TSA when you get back to the US. I wish I believed in hell so I could hope they would all rot there.)

  3. I think Sebby and his new beau look alike! Do they, or was it just in that one photo? I am glad to see him looking so happy, and you ditto.

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