Posted by: facetothewind | September 4, 2015

When is the New World the Old World?


Answer: When you live in Kuala Lumpur where they tore down all the old.


America now seems like the old world to me. And so here I am in the United States, doing old worldly things like staying in Brooklyn in an old brownstone from the late 1800’s, going on a sail in New York harbor, going to a museum of medieval art, touring a gothic cathedral and then taking an ocean liner to England.

May it not end like this…


Stained glass window in St. John the Divine in New York with a tribute to the Titanic. Hey, what about the Empress of Ireland and the Andrea Doria?

Watch the video that starts in San Francisco and then on to New York…

And here’s a mosaic of stills. Click on one and then advance with your L or R arrows…

Next stop: England on the QM2. Click here to see where we are. 



  1. So much life in America to be cherished, glad you’re having a good time and I’m looking forward for your return, love,

  2. Just saw the video, love the green and nature even in bustling New York City….. And the night scene is so pretty!

  3. Wow. Gorgeous pictures, David. You went to so many of my favorite places in New York. Though the sail on the Adirondack looks the best; I’ve never done that. Definitely going on the list.

    And you even saw Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party”! Where was that exactly? It usually travels, doesn’t it?

    Wish I were going on the QM2 with you. I so love it. Give CSN a kiss for me!

  4. As always, lovely to travel behind your lens, David. I am in awe of your ability to capture the grandeur of the Cathedral, and so much more…shape, color, light…people! Enjoy your journey!

  5. Sad to have missed you this trip! ‘Til next time, safe travels and be well 🙂

  6. Thanks for this wonderful tour of the US, esp NY. Wish I had seen The Cloisters, but never did. Gorgeous brownstone. Sounds like a great trip so far, and now on to ocean voyage!

    I just returned from a week in CM. I’m always invigorated visiting the big city but leaving the hotel, the smell of exhaust hits one in the face, so thinking how can I live in the city, breathing this filthy air? Someone suggested living in the suburbs but that kind of defeats the purpose. As we know, no place is perfect!

    Beautiful in Pai now. Frequent rain but not a vigorous rainy season. Mink has had built three new bungalows and concrete paths to most of the bungalows. Seems the bombing in BKK has had an effect on tourism, understandably. But we seem to always have a few guests.

    Looking forward to your next entry.

    Happy travels! Dianna

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