Posted by: facetothewind | September 11, 2015

Slow travel: crossing the Atlantic in 7 days


Jean and I on the day of embarkation from New York to England.

Here’s a little photo collage of the trip.

It was a grand affair to cross the Atlantic in the world’s only ocean liner. I made some lovely new friendships, enjoyed lots of time with an old friend in between trivia games, heard some great music and ate some amazing food. I even danced with a man on the ballroom floor! (Thanks for the dance lessons, Jean!) But the crossing was not perfection. The ship hit some rough seas half way out and we were nauseous for a couple days even with the stabilizer fins deployed. Then we were sleepy from dramamine. There were some dud meals and the engine vibrations were working my nerves at dinner. But overall it was pretty extraordinary. Crosby, Stills and Nash were aboard for a few concerts. They were great! Wonderful to see these truly historic rock and roll gems (antiquities) on stage a few feet away. Their songs are anthems.

Watch the video but sorry, nothing of CSN — it was strictly forbidden. Stories to come when I’m back. The first half of this video is just life on board the Queen Mary 2 and the 2nd half is just a meditation on watching the ocean…skip it if you’re bored…

Next stop: London and then Belgium



  1. Whao that’s a fun video and loads of food! What amaze me is the beauty of the ocean, it’s wonderful…. Love how the waves moved and the stillness of the liner…..

  2. Beautiful ocean… and Neeeeew Yooork! 🙂 Oh, I would love to experience all of this one day!
    I love the ocean…thank you for posting. And I like your shoes ;-).
    Oh, how still it is… and the sunset.
    Hands up! Baby, hands up! Give me your heart, give me, give me…ALLLL YOUR LOOOVE, looove :).
    All all that deliciously looking yum – I would probably gain weight there!
    Oh, the ocean…
    Thanks for sharing, Love.

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