Posted by: facetothewind | October 17, 2015

Guest poetry

I sublet my apartment to a Canadian man while I was on my round-the-world trip. Here’s a poem he wrote about his time here and his daily walks through Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur smog haze air pollution

Poem by Benjamin Fortier • photo by David Gilmore

From all shade they greet,
No more places to hide,
I break to the heat.

To kids holding hands,
Digging deep, scratching a surface,
Scared to bend.

Everything to learn,
Everything to lose,
For so long I yearn.

A Woman sells a mask,
A man carves a flower,
Still blind to find a task.

Stepped in a hole,
Head unfortunately afloat,
The body takes the blow,
And lives the flow.

Colored tricycles speaking tongues,
Dangerously drawn to life,
Only a physical mute,
For more layers to reach their spirits.

Often an old man smiling of contempt shares a table,
Helping expose my fable.

Stay unpolished Jewel,
Could I never tame.



  1. Favorite line: Stay unpolished jewel. The poem, for me, gives a sense of chaos and wonder. Lovely!

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