Posted by: facetothewind | October 30, 2015

Escape from KL: Taking a Pulmonary Holiday


This is what the air quality in KL has been like since I returned from Europe. I have not seen the sun nor the moon nor anything colorful since I returned.


My already limited life turned into house arrest as it became not just unpleasant to go outside but downright dangerous.


Any foray into the outdoors required wearing masks. Here is Chuan sporting the duck billed one.


Then this headline appeared in the paper. Hmm, a typhoid outbreak. What more charming news of life in Malaysia could there possibly be? I wonder if my own contraction of it was considered in the statistics?


Then there was this headline article stating that 72% of university students in Malaysia would prefer to finish their degree abroad and gain permanent resident status. With all the above, I simply can’t imagine why the Malaysian dream has become to get the hell out. It certainly has become mine. And so I started checking airfares and to my delight I saw midweek specials on ScareAsia to Krabi, Thailand, for only $30 USD. And I found a highly regarded hotel there on the beach was having a last minute sale (70% off) on rooms. So I took advantage of the 1 hour flights out of the smoke and took off for Thailand.


This is the Golden Beach Resort where I stayed for only $32 a night…right on the beach. The smoke was gone! It was like going from a black and white movie to color…perhaps like that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up in the Land of Oz and all is colorful after a life spent in dreary Kansas.


I spent early mornings swimming in the Andaman Sea, doing yoga, playing clarinet and reading. Afternoon I would take off on sunset walks with a piña colada in one hand, my camera in the other.


After dark, I would get a $9 massage. Thailand really delivers when it comes to relaxing.


This is my $3 lunch. I ate all my meals alone, hardly talking to anyone for 4 days. Traveling alone can be wonderful. It’s a chance to just detach from anyone and everything worrisome. Here’s the video of the trip + some fun little goodies from KL and Bukit Tinggi before heading to Thailand. Don’t miss the fake-o-France, the piano/harmonica duets, and the invasion of the monkeys…

Magically when I returned from Thailand, the smoke had cleared and once again we could see to the horizon. The intentional fires in Sumatra are still burning to clear land for farming but the wind right now is blowing the other direction. So we have at least a short reprieve.


And here’s a video collage of some of my photography from recent days…

Next stop: Bali.



  1. let me know if you need any Bali reccs, I was there for a month in 2010, have fun! spend some time in Ubud

  2. Huh! I just finished reading conversation with David which must have taken quite awhile to go back and forth as interviewer and interviewee. Kudos! And thanks as always for the laughs! I agree there has to be the initial physical attraction but of course the person underneath is what makes you fall in love, not just infatuated. Also agree we are both opinionated☺

    Funny you were in Krabi while Minks aunt ftom Krabi was here to escape from the smoke in Krabi! I’m glad you got to escape from KL even for awhile.

    I’ve been in CM seeing eye specialists, plural, as I have two conditions that need watching. I am quite discouraged about the level of medical competence here and have begun a search for facilities and drs in the NYC area while also looking into accommodations in Woodstock. I’d like to leave late Feb or Mar.

    Sorry for typos, using tablet.

    All the best to you and Chuanl

    Love, Dianna

  3. Love the silhouettes on the beach, especially the one with the ball in the air and the frozen states of motion of the soccer player and the one with the fella in the hat bending over- both took my breath away. Sorry your breath was taken away by smoke. Please take good care of yourself so we get you back again sometime soon! ❤

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