Posted by: facetothewind | November 3, 2015

Bali No Go


The moment we walked out the apartment door, my suitcase broke and cut my leg. Chuan said this was a sign that we shouldn’t go — a bad omen. Nah, I thought, it’s just a scratch and I’ll deal with the luggage.


Then on the train to the airport, the emergency alert came in that the Bali airport was closed completely due to the volcano erupting.


So we’re back home now. We are rebooked for tomorrow’s flight, but there’s no telling if the volcano will allow us to land. Sometimes travel delights you and sometimes it kicks your butt.

Today it kicked our butts.



  1. Betadine Betadine Betadine!

  2. David and Chuan, I am so sorry that your Bali plans were spoiled. To say nothing of your beloved old suitcase disintegrating…I hope you are able to get to Bali and have a good adventure together soon…Big sigh…Love, Jean xoxoxo

    on 11/3/15 9:56 PM, Field notes from a noticer

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