Posted by: facetothewind | June 10, 2016

Summer of Love

David Gilmore photography

There’s something about letting pictures just tell the story when you’re too busy enjoying life to take time to write it out in long form. So with the apology for WAY too many selfies and wefies  (we need to show the authorities that we are indeed a legitimate couple) I am offering you photos of our prenuptial tour of California. Big thanks to Jean for use of the car and home while she’s away, January for the wonderful days in Pacific Grove and Esalen, Jack for the mineral collection tour, Ben & Jen for a great coastal retreat in Pt. Arena, and Charlie and Lark for a mountain top musical retreat in Ukiah. California has become out of reach expensive and we couldn’t experience this amazing state without your help!

Oregon is next.



  1. David, I always feels so honored to witness your journeys and the way you share your life, adventures and love. So awesome that you have met your love, and it was so sweet to spend time and get to witness that, too. ❤

  2. Chuan looks so relaxed! He’s clearly fitting right in. Love that black and white shot of him looking up with the sky behind him. Love all the shots, actually; they’re beautiful.

  3. Forgot to ask — do you remember what he was playing at the piano in Union Station?

    Also, speaking of cold:

    Massive snow pile still melting away in South Baltimore

    in June!!

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