Posted by: facetothewind | July 26, 2016

“Portland: where young people go to retire.”

That’s a line from Portlandia…a show that pokes a lot of fun at Portland and its wacky inhabitants. But who needs comedy writers when you have the real Portland for material? It’s a colorful, stylish (without being fashionable) place where convention and reality come face to painted face with fantasy in a cloud of blue-gray pot smoke.


Portland is a playful, delightful place where you can meet the blue man on the street or some beardy guy named Bug in the middle of a river wearing a bug hat…


It’s a place where you can get industrial safety gear and a ukulele under the same roof…


“The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland,” goes a song in Portlandia…


Where else can you meet a friendly Furry with a foxtail in a bar? You might want to look up what Furries are all about.


Visit the creepiest bathroom on earth at Cafe Rimsky Korsakoffee house…


Portland is the place you can get a big hug from guilt-ridden Christians…


And if you’re not feeling the full weirdness, just pop into any legal marijuana store and get your freak-on to go (no smoking on premises!). Just look for the ubiquitous green cross at a neighborhood pot store near you.


Freak or no freaks, Portland in my humble opinion, is the most beautiful city in America. And the property values reflect it. I only wish to imagine living there in the winter, without actually experiencing 8 months of gray and drizzle. For now, it is a wonderful place to walk down the gorgeous tree-lined streets so pretty you want to weep.


Here’s the video encapsulation of the 3 weeks in Portland…


And here’s a photo montage of three lovely weeks in Portland. Thank you to Carole, Larry, Pretzel, Bluejoy and friends for the accommodations. And thanks to our lovely friends Greg, Robin, Franklin, Andrew, Trav B, Jeff, Steve, Larry, for all the fun times and good meals. We will miss you all and the food carts and swimming in the Gorge and the lack of sales tax. We’ll be back next summer for sure!!

Next stop: the altar. City Hall, San Francisco. August 9, 2016 at 10:30 am. OMG, it’s really happening.




  1. Ha! Especially love the name Rimsky Korsakoffee House!

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