Posted by: facetothewind | June 4, 2017

Writing Retreat

January Handl

I’ve been housesitting for my friend Jean in San Rafael, California. Her quiet, lagoon-side home is the perfect place to hole myself up with a good friend of mine, January Handl, to write. January is one of the most gifted poets I know. Here’s one of her gems.

we all get weary,
we all feel full to the brim
and overflowing chaos
seeps sanity away through
grasping fingers.
Or empty and hollow from
the carving life’s losses
does into our souls,
chilled by betrayals
or abandonments,
the longing to rest
to be held in soothing warmth
becomes a weight and an ache.

If words could offer comfort,
let’s begin right now,
spinning the silver threads
of our connections,
yarns that shimmer and fade
with each breath,
let’s weave the weft
of woundings
and healings,
the warp of
traumas and fears,
the wonders and joy,
into a soft soft soft quilt,
with patterns of sun colors
and relaxing familiar earth fragrances
of past looms,
snuggle up in my poem,
warm your heart by mine
and for a moment,
just be

Still the lightness of love
is ever sewn into any
blanket we fold together,
if my words could
rock your surrendering heart
in peace, I
would speak them into
the very substance of
the shelter we offer
each other.

— January Handl


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