Posted by: facetothewind | November 14, 2017

Finally the Book! Order your copy now…

Cover layers

How I Went to Asia for a Colonoscopy and Stayed for Love — a Memoir of Mischief and Romance is FINALLY available! Order your copy on Amazon now! This is my latest book, a heart-warming and gut-wrenching, true tale of a fascinating journey to reclaim my life. It is also an irreverent, hilarious, and racy ride through the enchanting lunacy of Southeast Asia.

The book follows my 7 years of traveling through Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and finally Malaysia searching for something big. Then one day on a bus in Malaysia, I got an invitation for something unimaginable. I returned to the US where I got shot at on my bicycle. Declaring defeat in America, I packed up and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was there, in a Muslim country, that I found what I had been searching for.

“Gilmore has written a memoir of true self-revelation. What starts as the bold tale of a hapless Westerner in Asia, with very entertaining glimpses into the world of sex and medical tourism, evolves into a story of profound love and acceptance. Come for the picaresque adventure, stay for the life-affirming outcome!”

— Beth Lisick, New York Times best-selling author of Everybody Into the Pool

“He’s bitter, he’s sweet, he’s deep, he’s funny, but most of all Gilmore is a wonderful writer with an incredible story to tell.”­
— David Henry Sterry, best-selling author of Chicken

“As he did in his previous book, the author sets out on a journey of self-fulfillment, but this time, instead of finding home, he finds something even better — someone to share it with. Informative, hilarious, insightful and at times poignant, Gilmore has given us a beacon of light in a dark time.”
— Trebor Healey, Lambda Literary Award winning author of A Horse Named Sorrow




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