Have you read my book?

It’s a tragic comedy. It’s Alabama with volcanoes…it’s my book about my year in Hawaii building my nightmare dreamhouse. Order it now…

HomoSteading at the 19th Parallel – iUniverse.



  1. Bravo ! Well written, haunting, honest and frankly one reason I pick up a book and start it. Hoping it will take me somewhere I will not go on the wings of adventure with great enjoyment along the way.

    best of luck with the sales !

    Your Connecticut Cuz,
    Hugs, Dale

  2. Excellent book! And this is from a straight white woman from the midwest who actually loves the quirky red road of puna, including its quirky inhabitants! So much so that I am about to embark on my own owner/builder adventure on the island…ok, to be honest my husband doesn’t care as much for the red road as I do and has a fear of lava so our home will be on the Hamakua coast and we will be hiring all the construction…but alas it will fall on me to oversee the project. Your book was a joy to read, and a big help for our project. I’m glad you’ve found your home, and sorry it didn’t work out for you in Puna. Hopefully you still go visit from time to time. Much Aloha and best wishes to you.

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